Grooming Services

FullSizeRenderPlease note: for telephone/email quotes we offer estimates only. True cost will depend on the condition of the coat, the behavior of the pet and weight. That is why we can only  offer price ranges in the list below. Exact price cannot be given until the dog has been observed by the groomer.

Also please note that we do not de-mat animals it is unsafe and unethical. We recommend shaving the coat down for a fresh start.

*Proof of current rabies vaccination required



All-star cat bath: starts at $45 for short hair, Starts at $50 for long hair (includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, dry, brush out)

All-star cat full groom package: starts at $65 (includes bath and tidy package PLUS full shave down or lion cut)

*** a cat shave down only (NO BATH) starts at $45 (can vary depending on behavior of cat and degree of matting… for example a heavily matted cat that takes two groomers and an hour or more to get through may start closer to $80)***

*please note the only length we shave cats in is 1/8″ for safety purposes


Prices depend on size, condition of coat and temperament

All dog grooming packages include AT LEAST 2 deep cleansing bath with an all-natural coat shampoo and conditioner, nail filing, fresh breath foam, ear cleaning, cologne, bandana and lots of hugs.


Nail trims

$10.00 (dogs and cats)

* add $2.00 for ear cleaning

Nail filing

$15.00 (dogs)

*add ear cleaning for $2.00

Teeth brushing (includes teeth brushing and fresh breath plaque eating foam)

$5.00: add on to any groom package

Puppy preppers $35.00 (and up)

Introduce your puppy to grooming ! This includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary shave, bath, dry, brush, round feet, face trim up (prices depend on weight, breed)

Flea baths additional $10.00-20.00 depending on size of dog and level of infestation.

Anal gland expression $5.00 upon request only

Just fur fun color

       Dye tips of ears or tail $5.00-10.00

       Nail paw-lish $10.00 , chose color at drop off

ALWAYS FREE: PREMIUM SHAMPOO (whitening, medicated, sensitive) and conditioner NO COST to upgrade… we want your pet looking and feeling the best as they can !!!